Friday, September 28, 2007

Bike build 101

Now for the bike related post of the day (past month). Managed to pick up a used cross frame (an older aluminum Redline Conquest Cyclo-X) and parts and got the majority of the necessary items for my build in last night. Still need some rim tape, stem spacers and a new stem since the two stems I got from the guy with the frame 1 1/8” and the fork is 1”. Once I get that tonight after work though I should be set to build it all up. Hopefully I’d screw anything up since this will be my first official full build, though not having deal with the headset was probably the biggest blessing in my eyes (I’m clueless and scared of this).

The frame looks just like this one. Nothing flashy and definitely used, but it'll certainly do the trick.

Last night I got the bottom bracket and cranks installed, added a new Deore LX rear derailleur and got the cassette all set up on the Mavic CXP22’s. Tonight hopefully I’ll be able to pull the rest together and have it ready for a ride tomorrow. I’m likely going to need to change out the chainrings when I get to racing but for now I’ve got a 53/38 with I believe a 12/25 on the cassette. Definitely WAY too heavy for cross racing.

The rest is all pretty basic, used Ultegra from derailleur, basic 144 or so bars, used (borrowed) shifters/breaks, a pair of tektro brake levers for the flat bar section and the old seat off my Fuji Track bike for now. The Ritchey Pro Logic cranks probably weigh more then the bike itself but changes will come in time. For now though I’ve spend more then enough money on bike stuff, its time to start putting some into the house instead.

I’m hoping that if I can get the cross rig built up tonight or tomorrow I’ll get out and spend some time on it though I’m also really itching to get out on the mountain bike. I had so much fun the last time I went (which was a while ago) I just wish I could get out all the time. I was going to try and go early last Sunday and then watch the Charm City Cross and cheer on some friends and teammates but ended up doing a dump run and yard work with my brother in law instead. The cowbells will have to wait a little longer. Sunday instead of going to the Ed Sandor Memorial cross race I’ll be heading to Baltimore with the family for the final home game for the O’s against the Yanks. I kind of hate going to those games since there are always more Yankees fans then O’s fans; it’s a little embarrassing.

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