Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The great bicycle shuffle of 2010 Pt. 2

I've already sold the Scalpel. Done and gone. The old SS 29'er wheelset is spoken for and the Redline SS cross set up is back up on the chopping block. I even posted up the Fuji track bike, my fixed gear on CL though so far only limited interest. Apparently folks aren't thinking about skinny tire fixed gears during historic snow storms!?!?!

For a bit my thinking was focusing in on getting rid of these bikes and picking up a Raleigh RX 1.0 though when I looked into getting one ordered at FBS we found out they're all out, and possibly will not be getting any in that will be available! The "entry level" cross bike is a sweet aluminum frame with Sram Rival drivetrain minus the FSA cranks. Some decent though not special wheels, and a few parts I'd probably swap out to begin with.

More importantly the frame includes eyelets for rack and fender mounts, both things I am specifically looking for in a cross bike. I'd like to use it not only for cross racing and long training rides, but also for commuting and and touring (Pittsburgh to DC anyone?), hence the fender and rack mounts.

There is a possibility of the Redline Conquest Pro doing the trick, though in all honesty I really think the Raleigh is a sweeter looking ride. I'll keep thinking on this and talking with the guys at FBS and figure out what my course of action will be here. All I know right now though is that a cross bike is probably highest on my list for a new rig.

That brings me to my next topic. One, Cannondale CAAD9. I'm beginning to think about selling this bike as well. Currently it spends most of its time in the utility closet, with other, more rugged bikes getting the majority of my cycling miles. The 28cc tires help lessen the impact of the stiff bike on longer rides and the impact of the horrendous roads and trails on the bike but still I prefer the more rugged bikes to take the beating.

So, I'm not racing road anymore and the sole purpose of the road bike is for long road rides, commuting, trainer sessions and lunch rides... So, couldn't all of these things be done with a cross bike? Yeah, thats what I'm thinking too.

So why keep around the bike I have no emotional attachment to? It's stiff, which is great for racing but no the greatest for just riding so maybe a beefier ride would be more what I need. Thoughts anyone? Would I be making a big mistake selling off my road bike and replacing it with the uber versatile cross rig?

The great bicycle shuffle of 2010

After finding out I'd be receiving a larger tax refund then I'd expected and talking with MK a bit about bikes in general and his attitude toward them more specifically, I started making some new decisions and pulled a slightly unexpected, though much needed trigger on a decision. The Cannondale Scalpel I picked up a year ago has been sitting un-ridden since Big Bear, despite the fact replaced the derailleur hangar and rear derailleur and chain back a few months ago and it was ready to ride. I've just come to prefer the Jamis and every time I head out I've looked past the Scalpel to my SS.

Needless to say, after over 6 months of non-riding it was time to make the decision. I posted the bike on CL Wednesday and sold it Thursday night for the same price I bought it for though with an updated derailleur, chain and RD cable.

Origin 8 spacers on the 9 speed cassette hub body with a Surly 18t cog.

Without hesitating I headed over to Family Bike Shop and picked up the Stans wheel set with a nine speed rear hub, set it up with a sweet looking Origin 8 spacer kit. These will be replacing my laserdisc/no name hub wheels that came stock with the '07 Exile 29'er and will provide the opportunity to turn the single into a 9 speed if I decide I want to by simply picking up a shifter derailleur set and cassette. These look pretty enticing too:

That CASH money green would look pretty sweet on the green Dragon 29'er frame...

Stans ZTR Arch rims laced to ZTR hubs. To be set up tubeless once I figure out my preferred tires.

So, the wheel upgrade leaves me with 3 remaining original parts for the entire bike from the Exile; the headset, the crankset and the rigid fork.

A new Reba Race 29'er fork is due in sometime late this month and 2 crank brothers cobalt headsets will be as well for easy swapping between rigid/suspended forks. That leaves the crankset for which an upgrade is currently being contemplated as well. The Truvativ Stylo 1.1 would be a nice upgrade from the current FireX though the Noir would be a real dandy. Not sure I want to go with carbon cranks though so unless someone has a better suggestion for ways to go with the SS crankset I may go with the relatively inexpensive Stylo set.

More to come but I've gone on long enough again.

Day 5: Snowmagedon 2010

Our trash can has not yet been cleared off. The inside trash can is now full... Here we go.

I've been going a bit stir crazy to say the least. Aimee was in Sand Diego for the initial 3 days of snow lock down so I was entertaining myself with shoveling, BS'ing about getting plowed out with the neighbors and throwing snow at Cassie. I rode the Jamis with sub 10PSI in the tires all three days, the first just around the neighborhood and down to the Safeway, the second looking for the back hoe being used to clear the lots and the third I actually rode out to REI and Chipotle for a break from my daily boredom and unexciting food choices.

An interesting view out the front window. The blizzard conditions are not here right now, which is fine by me.

Beaver Dam was entirely unplowed brining my doubts about Sunday's GW Birthday Marathon running to a screeching halt and holding tight to a not so smart driver who tried to get through untouched 2-3 foot snow in a 4 door Nissan Altima sedan... Um... WHAT??? Yeah.

We finallu got plowed out Monday night; the back hoe finishing our lot up around 1o pm. Aimee got home from Dulles arirport around 11 with a parking spot waiting for her, I crashed out hard asleep and Aimee went to National and picked up her friend who'd also just flown back from San Diego and who couldn't get her car out of the lot and brought her back to our house. Who knew? She woke me up and told me but I'm pretty sure the only acknowledgement she got from me was in the neighborhood of "uuuugghhhh". I barely remembered it the next morning and I'm VERY doubtful I would have been cool with her driving her little Kia down there in the middle of the night on icey roads etc...

I took Katie back down with a shovel in the AM and shoveled/pushed her car out and then came back home and forced Aimee to go to REI with me and Brian who'd come over to escape his own case of cabin fever. I got some yaktrax (which are amazing lifesavers!!!) but they'd broken, presumably since I should have sized up from the recommended size for use with my big hiking boots. Got Aimee and pair and exchanged mine, Aimee picked up some more groceries and we came home.

Now, we're snowed back in with another solid 5 inches and blizzard conditions to remain through the rest of the day. Yum. I don't really think I want to ride the bike in blizzard like conditions...

The Jamis; reporting for duty.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Just wanted to give my parents, who are off in Paris right now and my girlfriend, who is out on the beach in San Diego through Monday an idea of what they're missing.

I should have bought those snowshoes.