Monday, July 31, 2006

Relatively quiet weekend this weekend, my roommate Pat was out of town. I actually haven't seen him for over a week now I think even though we sleep less then 20 feet from each other. It seems like everytime I get home later then 8 he has just gone out to meet up with some friends and doesn't get home till well after I go to sleep. Then since I like to get to work early we never really pass in the morning either. So last Friday, even though I left work at three and was home by 3:30/3:45 he had already left for the beach. Not gonna lie; I'm kinda jealous. But I think he is coming back today so I just might see him tonight, though maybe not since I may go to screen on the green. If not I probably won't see him till the weekend though since that just seems to be the way it works.

Got my bike on Saturday from the neighbors and it is amazing. There were some issues with some minor missing parts but I got those taken care of and rode it in to work this morning. Lots of fun even though there is only the front brake at this point. Can't wait to get it out to try out the fixed gear though I am still a little nervous about killing myself with that one; apparently is you stop pedalling it is relatively easy to go ass over elbows over the handle bars.

Hit up a neighbors BBQ/Keg Party on Saturday night for a little bit and BS'd with the new neighbors and then hit up Madam's Organ where I proceeded to act a fool and dance and just make a plain joke of myself. Sunday the fam came to finally visit and see the new place and we ate mexican food and sat and talked for a while. Pretty relaxing day, untill the restless night of no-sleep that always seems to occur come Sunday night. Back to work today where the morning was spent attempting to keep my eyes open...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ahh... ok some how even though I was here from 4pm through the rest of the night my neighbors somehow signed for my bike. Big sigh of relief... Now they just have to get home so I can go play with it!

My New Bike

My new bike...

Hopefully. I stayed home last night and missed a rousing evening of Karaoke so that I'd be here when they were supposed to deliver it however it never showed. What's worse is the guy selling it to me is not the greatest with communicating. Getting a little anxious on this one. It should be covered by the PayPal security so at least I've got that. But this bike is pretty sweet and now I've got my hopes up. Fixie/Free wheel sinlge speed. Should be fun as long as I don't kill myself first on it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sports dissapointment #2...

Today I read a very disappointing (and truthful) blog. This guy Matt Sussman is completely right in his view about Reggie Bush. As doubtful as it is that he would honestly consider sitting out till next year and entering the draft again it is a tremendous let down to me, a very big fan of his and USC in general. I mean first I was pretty disappointed, though not suprised when he decided to forgo his senior season at Southern Cal to enter the draft, but I mean in all reality, yeah you know that made sense. He had done amazing things there and left with dignity and respect from a great program and will now allow a new group of backs to take their turn.

But no he is going to hold out on contract negotiations and demand more money when I guarantee what they are offering is no small sum. I mean it almost seems like he’s playing contract negotiations like a game, or a popularity contest of “who can be the highest paid rookie of all time or something…” I mean he’s good, we all know that. But the amount of money he would make just as the bottom of the totem pole NFL player would be more then enough money for anyone I know. The last I heard minimum NFL salaries are set at something like $250K. Not bad for a average sized companies CEO much less a guy who plays a game for a living… Not to mention he’s getting something like $5 million in endorsements whether he even plays at all this year.

I wish some player would step up and make a real statement with their contract. Go in there and take a decent signing bonus or something and play for the league minimum or even $1 a year or something “ridiculous” like that. I think they’d survive and maybe, just maybe it might send a shock wave through the rest of the sports community. Better yet, demand some ridiculous amount and then as soon as you get it, donate most of it to help build New Orleans; would be a great “thank you for having me” present from Reggie to the city that is already kneeling at his feet.
What a sad sad world we live in... the few places we have to look for heroes and then this... Floyd Landis

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wow, it's hot out there. I went for a run over lunch and am still sweating almost an hour after getting back. Good long run though.

Well this weekend was pretty fun, had an interesting time at Ella's and then the Opening night partyfor the DC Fringe festival on Thursday so I was planning on taking the night easy on Friday... Ummm... Well let's see, some of Pat's friends came over around like 6 so the nap I had planned after I got home from work around 5 was no longer an option. Instead Pat and I went and grabbed Subway across the street (I like how that works these days). So, of course we took our sandwhiches home and cracked our first beers and drank and ate before everyone got there. Pat's friends then showed and we proceeded to finish off the majority of the beer we had there along with an assortment of random other drinks including drinking an entire bottle of home made brandy given to me by a friend a year ago. It was exceptionally good but I am under the impression that it was also pretty strong.

Afterwards we headed to the Reef but didn't end up going in for some reason and we might have gone somewhere else after but I can't quite remember if I went with them or just took off to meet Thoreau and his friend from out of town at Tom Tom's. Had some beers there and saw an underage friend from high school there and so I of course bought her a jaeger bomb (what better way to say welcome to bar life???) and then went on my way. Hit up Bedrock billiards for a leak before deciding I was too drunk to stay out and went home to crash.

Saturday was a great game (although very hot) of disc before heading to Subway for the third day in a row and then home to relax/recover for the afternoon before another long night of drinking.

Dom's bday party/BBQ was great with amazing food and even exciting down pours here and there with our own personal mini tornado thrown in for fun. Hit up some Adams Morgan bars for a bit afterwards then got some much needed sleep.

Sunday went to see Pretty Theft of the Capital Fringe Festival with a group of people. Quite disturbing but very well done. Afterwards grabbed drinks with some of the cast, went to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the terrace cafe, and then fudruckers for dinner. Afterwards had a long walk and talk with a new friend and finally got home around 10:30. All in all a great day, though definitely tired on Monday.

Monday... work, run in the intense heat, work, dinner at the Reef with Pat on the roof (it was incredible out then) and then Bones, Hookah and catch-up with Craig. Sleepless night however afterwards which I blame entirely on ny "Rip-It Lime Wrecker" pounder that I drank so I could make it through the afternoon yesterday.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Alright, so my father apparently thinks I looked like a terrorist... When I went out to dinner with my Aunt and Cousin they told me the last time they had seen him he said he was suprised the DC police didn't pick me up walking around the mall suspecting me as a terrorist. Thanks for the love Pops!

It's Friday finally! I of course am hung over, the typical Friday for me, but hey last night was definitely a good time. Did the Ella's thing then hit up the opening night party for the DC Fringe Festival, pretty off the wall and different to me but still a good time. Spent a majority of my time there bsing with a girl from the City Paper.

Managed for the second week in a row to have no contact whatsoever with Pat for three days straight. It's funny we have to sit down and talk for a while just to catch up with what we've been up to; you know like how are the wife and kids type shit. The other nights though we go out for dinner about every night and usually go party together too so I guess it's probably better we don't see each other for extended periods of time.

Softball on Wednesday... yeah we'll just leave it at that.

Other then all that no wild and crazy expriences the past week. The DC United game was a great time and we went out for a drink after to say the final goodbyes to Jeff then went out with Andrea and Brian (brother in law) to party the rest of the night away. Ended up meeting up with an ex from High School at the Reef and grabbing Jumbo Slice to calm the stomach (right...)

Oh but I am very proud of the fact that over the last week I have officially introduced three new people to the joys of a jeager bomb! They even actually liked them!

Next Wednesday I'm going speed dating with Trow and Joe... Should be a good time, hopefully with plenty of good stories to follow...

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Blog... Finally

I've finally decided that I am way to far behind the times on this blog thing so here goes... my first blog. I have my doubts as to my dedication to keeping it updated ona regular basis however I will do my best. It kind of like writing in a journal though which I have never been very good at although I always liked to say that it was just because it would make my hand hurt to write so much. Anyway..

Had a great week this week; disc on Tuesday night, DC United game with Jeff and Liz Wednesday and a crazy final happy hour for Jeff on Thursday. The night was a blast and I ended by stuffing myself with falafel... I love my new location. I'm kind of excited for tonight because I have some relatives in town and we are weeting up for dinner somewhere in Adams Morgan. Should be a pretty good time; I haven't seen them in years since they are from all the way up in upper penninsula Michigan.

Then tomorrow I have disc in the morning and then another DC United soccer game that night with Jeff, Andrea and my future brother-in-law. He's also coming out to play disc too so I guess we'll be spending a nice brother bonding day together.