Thursday, October 04, 2007

Logging miles

A bunch of cycling blogs I frequent like to include their mileage on occasion for the day, month and year. I’m sure it’s more of a personal reference point for themselves and helps them keep track of things, though maybe it’s a “hey I’ve ridden this much, what about you” type of statement; doubt it though. One thing I have no idea about is my cycling mileage and running mileage for that matter. Only one of my bikes includes a cyclometer and I long ago stopped logging my running miles so really I have no idea where I stand on this front.

Out of my own curiosity I’d like to start tracking this information, and maybe in the future when the motivation starts to lag tracking and posting it here will get me motivated again and help get back out there. So, I’ll start with October 1st and try and go from there. I’d like to track both my running and my biking, though since neither of them will be officially measured these are gmaps pedometer estimates and general estimates of distances.

October 1:
Commuted to and from work: 32 miles biking
Lunch time mall run: 4 miles running

October 2:
Rest Day

October 3:
Commuted to and from work: 32 miles biking
Cross practice at UMD: 5 miles (missed the first warm up lap)
Lunch time mall run: 4 miles running

October 4:
Ride from Haines Point to work: 2 miles biking

October Totals:
Biking: 71 Miles
Running: 8 Miles

*A quick side observation here just for shits and giggles; my cycling log will be substantially different then if I had started this while I lived in Adams Morgan a couple of months ago since I’ve racked up over 60 miles already just in commuting 2 days. Those numbers would likely be somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 for commuting, 30 or so overall since my commute was only 3.5 miles each way then (though I would likely be doing it everyday).

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