Friday, June 20, 2008

Sick day ride

Was feeling pretty bad this morning after a week of allergy /cold build up so I took the day off to stay with Cass who just had her lady loss surgery yesterday. Poor dog. Anyway, by the afternoon I was feeling substantially better and decided to get out for the long ride I've been wanting to do now for a little while. Perfect weather for a ride, not too hot, not too cold; just perfect open jersey cruising. Averaged right around 18.5 miles an hour or so but the only technology I had was a watch and now gmaps pedometer so exact numbers are unknown to me. Not worried about it though.

The route was nice; looking back over things it's funny to see how one little turn would have changed things so dramatically as I was just riding and turning directions that looked promising. Heading down 450, I turned around when I saw signs for 495 and Rt 50 noting that traffic volume was picking up as were reckless speeds. The other way On 450 past Race Track Rd the shoulder completely disappeared and with too many blind turns I quickly turned around and headed back to RT Rd. Spun down into the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center parking lot and down to look at the lake and realized for the first time just how extensive the area is. Can't wait to get back in there to really check things out.

The route: Gmaps Pedometer

All in all somewhere right around 2:20/30 with stopping time (lake admiration, etc...) and just under 43 miles. First ride significantly over an hour in a while and amazing the backside is in good shape. I guess the many hour long lunch rides and commutes I've been doing have been paying off at least a little bit.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get in a mountain bike ride at Rosaryville, first since Big Bear. Though that'll be pending a bike repair. Off to Proteus to see what can be done.

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