Saturday, October 31, 2009


Maybe its vain, but I LOVE this shot. A little pain (still early in the race I'm guessing) and a bunch of concentration in the front on shot. All pics courtesy of Jason Marcella's Facebook album. Thanks Jason!

Never planned on racing but things worked out with a super cheap build on the Redline cross frame which I never managed to sell and I ended up racing the 3/4, killer B's. Felt good to be out there and the crowds were amazing! I heard so many people cheering for me and others riding through there with Kmax, Kevin, Maxblud even. Pretty cool stuff.

I started out in about the 90's (my race number was 396 and I was in the third to last row starting since I begged my way in to the race the night before at set up) so I wasn't expecting too much out of myself aside from hopefully a solid move up in the final outcome. Since Darren had so enthusiastically encouraged me to race (so he could have a teammate to beat) my single real goal for the race was to beat him. At the line I could see him a number of rows ahead of me but I was still holding on to some hope there.

Alex put in a great final race as a DC resident. Thursday the week after he moved to San Fran. We'll miss him and his ridiculous consistency and smooth riding style. He happens to be a really cool guy on top of that too.

Race started, I nearly bowled Ryan D over at the top of the first grassy climb after he rolled his second tubular for the day and then settled in to try and pick some folks off. I was going along really well and loving the course, though it'd gotten significantly mushy and slower from all the rain the day before. Still the pre-riding on Saturday was huge as I felt totally comfortable with taking inside lines and sticking to it when I knew I could.

Pretty early on I was chasing Mike S from my team and I yo-yo'd a bit behind him before finally coming up with some pop to get by and away. Right after that I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Darren just a few turns ahead of me. Apparently he'd gone out super hard then blown his back and was going backwards quick. I snuck up on him and coming up the road to the reg area I passed him with a "goochie goochie goo" (I have no idea where that came from...) and got on it to get some seperation. I figured he'd have jumped it and not let me getaway but instead me passing crushed his spirit even more and he fell back quickly. It's ok Darren, I still love ya!

Marc G put himself onto the podium with an awesome effort in the 35+ Masters race! Awesome, oh and was co-promoting the race!

After that I kept riding hard where I could, catching and passing people on the tight and turny sections while gettng dropped on some of the longer straightaways and mushy slow sections. Eventually I caught up to Corey T and said something about the slow mushy stuff. That got him going again and I lost contact there pretty solidly for a bit. Later on though I was battling out on of the straightaways, basically in a full out sprint trying to stay ahead of another guy. That reeled in Corey and put me by him though I dropped off the pace of the other guy pretty hard and fell behind him permanently.

I managed to hold Corey off by just a bit, though had there been another lap he'd certainly have pulled me back in. I did manage to hold off an NCVC guy I'd been back and forth with for most of the race also, with me passing and pulling ahead on the same little technical climb and him getting back a while later through the swampy grass just a bit before the finish. The last lap I didn't let that happen.

Now I'm again pumped to do some more cross. Hopefully next year I can get myself out there and really work it including some actual cross training and practice. That DCCX course is so much FUN!

Matty D put in an awesome effort for 13th in the 3/4 despite promoting and running DCCX!

Working the awards was a lot of fun too. Getting to be in the middle of everything and see all the happy and excited winners. Good stuff! Matty and Marc do an amazing job as race directors and it sounds like for the 3rd year in a row they've put on the top area race. Happy I could be a small part of that for the last 3 years!

Oh and to the woman who took the hand up just past the finish... That was awesome!


chris said...

good results tru tru

Darren said...
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Darren said...

You were solid, and I think you would do well at CX since it has that high level like 5 mile runs. Next year we can battle it out. I am looking forward to us doing some SS races next year Lodi, maybe Bakers.

KMAX said...

Yeah, decent results though more importantly... loads of fun! I wish I'd gotten the franken/beater bike together for cross earlier and planned to race this season!

Darren, I'm in. I'll beat you some more next year AND race with you on the SS. Plan on it! :)