Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peer pressure

Kyle at Pedal’n Around wrote a post recently that caught my attention. He talked about how the other blogger/racers are motivating him to get out training and riding. I really need to start blog reading more cause my motivation and training is pretty much zilch at this point. Over the weekend I thought I’d at least get a ride in but nothing panned out and then Sunday I spent the whole day helping the folks and didn’t end up going to Race Pace Cross after all. On top of that I’ve taken on a little part time seasonal gig to pick up some extra cash for the holidays and such as well so that’ll probably take away from the QT with the bike as well. Well, hopefully I’ll manage to get some motivation going here, though I’m a bit worried that the PT work may keep me out of as many cross races as I’d like to be doing. We’ll see.

For now, Kyle will continue to make me feel bad about myself. Thanks Kyle!


gwadzilla said...

that JILL UP IN ALASKA chic pisses me off

she rides no matter what

what is she... a postman?

I love the excuse not to ride

this rain has been awesome

I have not been riding at all

it is good to be off the bike!

gwadzilla said...


I ride everyday

my rides have been short

but my focus has been on other things

I think they call it tapering

I call it slacking

I am good at slacking

TerribleTerry said...

K, you can run a bit and lift some. You'll be fine. Your winning wednesday's will continue next summer.

KMAX said...

Gwadz, I'm with you the whole way there, though I've become increasingly good at putting off even the regular bike commute days. Hopefully this funk will pass with the holidays or something and I'll get the wheels rolling strong again soon.

TT, I will keep my hopes up, though my hopes include a few things centered as far away from a wednesday as possible as well. Weekend races are where the money and the babes are at right?