Monday, November 05, 2007

Tacchino Cicli-Kick-My-Ass-Cross

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and state I M-F’in hate (love) cross! Actually what I meant to say was Tacchino Cicli-Cross was flippin’ hard! I’d say it was quite a bit tougher then the DCCX due to the lack of open road sections and the constant grinding and bumping of the agonizing hill sections. The course felt like it was entirely up hill aside from the super fast section on the back where if you didn’t brake at least a little you risked washing out into the woods at what would likely be 30+ miles an hour. Add to that that many of the hill sections weren't just smooth dirt or grass but were like riding miniature moguls were you didn't know whether to sit or stand for the best traction and it seemed which ever you chose was wrong as you bounced along at a painfully slow (and painful) pace up the hills praying for the life of you for some downhill. Not complaining, just saying, this race totally kicked my butt.

At the start I was bit nervous after not having the chance to pre-ride the course and feeling a bit sluggish but after a lap I felt fine aside from the still chilled fingers. I managed to get a spot somewhere around the fifth row, a substantial improvement from dead last at DCCX, though it really didn’t help me out too much when it came down to it. I ended up racing for somewhere between 20th and 25th again, and going into the last lap I was probably right around 20, but after the tough s-turn followed by the run-up I felt my rear tire going squishy. I’m guessing I just hit too hard after jumping a small ditch on the course, but with no spare parts in my collection as of yet I found myself pulling out, throwing down my bike and helmet in frustration and mumbling obscenities that I’m sure all of the fans with small children gathering around at the finish were very grateful to hear. The thought of shouldering the bike and running the final lap occurred to me, but with almost the entire lap to go and a face full of snot and spit I decided to bitch it. It’d probably have taken me 20 minutes to do so anyway and I wasn’t interested in a sudden DFL.

I’m guessing with the way I was dieing John on his single speed would have caught and passed me for the second race in a row and I would have ended up somewhere closer to 25th, but at least I would have finished. Anyway, now I want to spend more money on this god forsaken sport and get some pit wheels. Actually I really want to get a new bike preferably built by someone other then myself that won’t rattle and bang like it’s going to fall apart at any second; then I’d have a pit bike… I need a second job.

Can’t wait to see any pictures that may surface from the race, though with the amount of snot and spittle covering my face you may not be able to recognize me aside from the RU kit. Yum...

Oh and before I forget, three cheers to Squadra Coppi for a tremendous event on a totally brutal and sweet course!




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gwadzilla said...

did you sport the mullet?

I wanted to race this event


too much other stuff happening

including being lured into the woods by the mountain bike

there is no such thing as an easy cyclocross course

the course is not what makes cross hard
it is how hard we push ourselves

cross is tough on the big guy
especially when the big guy is "tapering"

nationals in kc?