Thursday, December 27, 2007

Overcoming the slug

I’ve finally done it! Today I squeezed myself (my rounded, softened self) back into my knickers and riding gear and spun down to hains point with Scott to pretend to do the noon ride. I most certainly didn’t expect to do too much and only hung in the group for 2 laps, one of which was the easy rolling warm up, but it just felt great to get back out on the bike, get used to things again and spend some time in the sun. Interestingly enough, I actually felt relatively strong on the bike but I just don’t have any kind of endurance whatsoever. Some nice long steady rides will need to be in my training regiment over the next few weeks. Hopefully now that the need to be somewhere everyday after work is over I’ll be able to start commuting in and out again as well.

The holiday was excellent as usual, even if a bit different the usual. My folks sold their house and now live in a 2 bedroom apartment about the same size as my place and my sister’s. So, Christmas was spent at my sister’s place, though only the afternoon and dinner. The morning of I made my father’s famous family pancake for a certain someone and relaxed. It was great to have Monday off too as it made the weekend the perfect stress free time off that I needed. Now if only things would pick up here at work so I wouldn’t be so damned bored!

Oh, and I got the REI Half Dome 2 person tent along with an MSR backpackers stove and cooking set... sweeeet...

Hopefully you all had as relaxing and comfortable a holiday as I did.

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KMAX said...

Yes, I put the tent up inside my sister's living room before dinner. What could I do though, we had to wait before we could eat so I figured why not? It is a truly awesome tent!