Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The holiday survival update

The crazy weather of DC followed Aimee and I South into the Smokey Mountains. Here in Knoxville, TN we hit somewhere below 10 degrees our first full day here and now two days later we're in the sixties. Fun stuff.

I've managed to survive so far through multiple assassination attempts from all over beginning day one by Casie. Just after arriving Sunday we began making Yule Logs at the tail end of the families party and Cass decided it was a good time to fertilize the foliage in the garage. Not too big a deal and amazingly easy to clean up in the end though somewhat of an embarrassment for me. Later in the evening Aimee's father took her out on a lead and ended up slicing open his hand (needing but not getting) stitches because she took off to greet another neighborhood dog. He walked in with blood dripping ll over the place. Nice. 

Everyone was very easy going about everything so in reality I never felt really uncomfortable but it sure will make for a good story someday. It starts with Aimee's ex-FBI father who does polygraph testing as a profession and hobby etc... Think Meet the Parents. I ALWAYS hated that movie.

So, since then I've held my own through countless hours of girl time and full on interrogations possibly even emerging unscathed. Cass survived an attack in a local park by a kamikaze squirrel and I successfully produced another slam dunk serving of Puffed Pancake (also known as a German pancake, dutch pancake, German baby or dutch baby). 

In other news I will always be willing to return here after discovering the local outdoor sporting goods store demo's out Gary Fishers for $30 a day including a 19 inch Gary Fisher Paragon. I ALMOST bought some new cycling gear so I could get out on one this week but held back on that. Next time, without a doubt.

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aimee said...

Hi Babe,
here's a link to that shop, so you can rent that GF
next time we're in town....