Sunday, December 14, 2008

A question of ethics

A question for the athletics version of "politically correct-ness", we'll call it "athletically correct".

I signed up to run the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore a few months ago with the intention of running it with a group of friends that have been running it for the past 3 or 4 years. Turns out none of them can make it due to holiday scheduling conflicts so essentially I'm on my own. Not a big deal, though the MORE holiday ride is the same day at Rosaryville. Hmmm dilemma, if they were still running with me it'd be a no brainer but now I'm leaning towards the ride.

Basically, I can run as much as I want in TN during the holiday "vacay" but the bike will not be coming with so that is not an option. Alright, so I'm mostly decided; there's just one little thing nagging at me, so here's my question:

If I skip the race to go for a ride (and then run whenever I can in TN, okay I know this doesn't have any true bearing on this question) can I still wear the awesome race shwag?

I could really use a nice fitted fleece jacket pull over since the only fleece I have is left over from when I was in middle school, (one very bright orange vest, think back street boys, and one nice green pullover, both very, very large. No layering here). On the other hand the race is awesome and I really enjoyed running it two years ago ( signed up last year too but ended up unable to run though that time I never got the jacket). I'm down with supporting Baltimore running and Falls Road Running Store.

So, can I still wear it if I don't run it? Do I have to only use it as an under layer? Can I just support the race even if I didn't run it this year?


bryan said...

easy -- if you paid for it, it's yours.

Darren said...

Kev, I am running it might be able to give you a ride with some other people I am running it with. So I say get on board do the run! I didn't get the swag, cause I have a bunch of Fleece stuff. I'm going to try and get the race ornaments. Let me know -Darren

KMAX said...

Alright, looks like I have no choice now. I'm running.

Bryan, I think I'm with you on the jacket opinion though; maybe moreso since I just really like the jacket but hey, it's all good. I'll earn it this year.