Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kick'em while they're down!

It's tough to complain in light of recent events about how rough I've got it, but being the accomplished whiner that I am, I've managed to pull through just the same. In all seriousness my thoughts are with those affected by the crash and my hopes lie with those in Iran, doing what they can to be heard.

A few weeks ago I got angry with Mike and Bryan for inciting havoc on bicycle tires everywhere, but I figured the worst was through. Turns out I was dead wrong. Instead my luck has continued on the downward trajectory that has been my path of late (did I mention the torn sidewall on the scalpel during the shed ride a week before Big Bear? Yeah...). If those weren't enough, last Thursday after riding from Hains to work and back I got home only to find another rear flat on the CAAD9 and a large piece of glass sticking out of the tire. I hung the bike up and left it for the weekend deciding to busy myself with house work and spring cleaning instead.

So, come Saturday evening when Aimee and I are heading out for some fine dining at the Olive Garden courtesy of a gift card left over from Christmas the last thing on my mind is a flat tire. Apparently the great deflater wasn't through with me yet. A large drywall screw and my back passenger side tire had become intimate friends during a brief drive for gravel and once again my tire changing abilities were brought to the forefront.

Actually we took Aimee's car and left mine for the next morning parked against traffic where the tire would be accessible on a flat section in front of my place. Long story short, the lug nuts are basically corroded to the bolt and a call to AAA is in order since the 12 inch tire iron just won't provide the leverage. Get everything finished and head back inside to take care of the dogs and grab Aimee for the drive to the tire repair shop, etc and when I come back, maybe 30 minutes later I've got a parking ticket for parking against traffic.

A little additional history here, since I've been dating Aimee I've received a few parking tickets. Most recently and notably are the $100, tow required "failure to secure DC tags" tickets I've been getting by the handful during non-residential restricted times. I currently have two in for review and another which I did not send in within the required time frame. So, not only do the tire gremlins have it out for me, but the parking gods shine elsewhere these days as well.

The Rear derailleur was just a little icing on the cake, oh and my crappy Hayes Sole brake that was blown out on Jamis is in the process of being replaced as well. At least the mechanical Avid BB7's won't have issues with fluid pressures/levels or blown fluid lines. (Sweet! Just got the call the Jamis is all ready to go! THANK YOU FAMILY BIKE SHOP!)

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hfang said...

Yeah.. I feel for you. What is with it with all of the drywall screws? I just bought new tires a couple of months ago and a couple of weeks back, I found my rear tire flat with a nice drywall screw in it.