Monday, June 08, 2009

Tha 5-0

Today I decided to live a little dangerously. Been wanting a new bike for a while so I stole one I saw sitting out on the road (turns out it was Dave's! Sorry Dave!!!) Got into a gnarly chase with the local Po Po's and finally they had to side check me to get me down. It was like that classic get away video of the guy on the free way getting away from the cops on a bicycle... Cept, that's just not quite how it happened...

Rode home from Aimee's today after taking her to a couple of doctor's appointments and what not. Taking it easy after a long day in the saddle at the Frederick Water Shed yesterday, cruising mostly on the flats and just generally spinning my way home in the nice and somewhat warm weather.

Get to a blind corner with a green light (only maybe 300 yards from where I get on trails for nearly the remainder of my ride), spin it easy around the corner and "whoop whoop" a cop is in my lane coming at me with the lights flashing. Sh*t! I'm on the flats so I can't just grab a handful of brakes, maneuver as much as I can but there space is limited.

End up slamming the left side of my body into the rear drivers side door, bounce off a little and go down on the right. Cop gets out, makes sure I'm ok, I do the quick systems check and all systems appear a go, I mention I'm more worried about the bike so she gives me a business card and takes off to whatever emergency she was headed for.

Bike's alright but the new bar tape (2 short rides on it) is trashed and the front wheel is knocked a bit out of true. Loosen the brake and ride home. A guy in one of the 10 or so cars lined up at the light that the cop was heading around yells out I should get off the bike and sue that *^&^*(; I shrugged and kept going.

Back home it looks like I might have a bruise on the thigh (though doubtful), a couple of additional scrapes and not much else aside from a bit of soreness tomorrow. The bike on the other hand needs the wheels trued, new bar tape, new HANDLEBARS (the right drop is now bent in somewhat severely) and well, probably another general tune up similar to what I spent 3 or 4 hours doing on Saturday. I hate riding a freshly cleaned and perfectly tuned bike!

Whatever happened to karma anyway?


Bonnie said...

Oh how I love to read your blog. Hope you can move tomorrow.... Mom

Darren said...

Interesting.. Well maybe get done what you need done and send them the bill. I got hit by a woman once(really slow) was kinda my fault and she flipped out. Thought I was ok until later when I saw my wheel was bent, that was a good wheel too. It's Tuesday and still haven't ridden will on Wednesday not too hard for big bear.

KMAX said...

Yeah, Leland and I were going to go out for an easy night ride to get him some time riding with lights but the rain squashed that idea. Will probably do the noon ride at Hains tomorrow and then take Thursday off before preriding a little bit on Friday when I get out.