Monday, November 30, 2009

Where have YOU been?

Yada, yada, yada... lack of posting... sorry for ignoring my fans... (I wasn't really ignoring you Mom since you were here for Thanksgiving and all)... Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

There've been a few things going on around here but not a whole lot of new stuff. Been running and riding when I can, spending less time doing each then I'd generally prefer but enjoying myself when I can get out. Went to NJ and Philly a couple of weekends ago to help out and watch a pair of regattas and support my pops, the proud (semi-new) Coach of the women's crew at the University of Scranton. These girls (and guys) are pretty impressive in that they've been operating without a coach, running workouts, race registration, logistics and equipment upkeep, purchasing etc for at least the last year.

Unfortunately a coach is a pretty useful things for rowers, especially out on the water to help improve technique and that still has not become a reality for these guys due to a lack of resources, access and other various issues. Hopefully though for spring they'll manage to work some new things out so they'll be able to get out with Coach Pat on the water for some good solid work. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for these guys to go to school, put together workouts, run their own practices, manage all of the equipment that goes with rowing, manage race registration and boat lineups etc and still get out and put in solid race performances.

Hat's off to the U of Scranton Crew team for their dedication and perseverance.

In other, family related news Aimee and I hosted our first ever Thanksgiving dinner at our place in Greenbelt this year. It was a bit of a last second thing as we weren't planning anything and we weren't going anywhere. Our plans consisted of a bit of house work for me, some black Friday shopping for her and probably an Indian dinner of thanks.

Instead I cooked my first solo Turkey (though I let Dad carve it) and we put out a large helping of Thanksgiving stuffings with plenty of veggies and mashed potatoes and wine to satiate us. Everything came out well and over the course of Thursday evening and Friday we downed at least 6 bottles of wine. Dad also helped me get some work done in the bathroom, ripping out the old flooring, yanking out the toilet and replacing the wax ring and bolts securing said toilet to the floor (who would have guessed toilet bolts can corrode completely away to nothing???) and laying a new faux tile flooring.

Saturday a trip to Home Depot provided me with the necessary tile to lay around the base of the wall and cover the edges of the new floor and a handful of other small projects including a replacement sink faucet, shower head, toilet seat, bathroom door handle and shower curtain rod. Most of it was completed and hopefully I'll have the new base tile in place by the end of Monday. Unfortunately for the bathrooms' progress I took a (I'd say much deserved) break for some Mountain Biking at the Shed/Gambrill with Darren and Chris so the remainder of the work was put on hold for the day.

Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as pleasant and productive as mine was.

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