Monday, November 09, 2009

Wash board work out

Ever just jump in the shower with your clothes on? Yeah, me neither; at least not that I remember (Mom, got any good stories?) Well, that changed last night after my 11 mile Sunday evening trail run when I did just that; socks, shorts and shirt.

Three weeks ago the pump on our washing machine died mid-load leaving a bowl full of dirty (smelly) wash water to drain by hand. The current set up has the washer in the corner in the kitchen, and its a 24 inch unit as opposed to the more common 27 incher so a quick and cheap used replacement has been a bit hard to come by. On top of that I have plans to move the laundry facilities entirely into the utility closet which will require about $2k in plumbing work which I can't really swing at the moment, so, long story short we're living without a washing machine.

My $15+ 3 load trip to the laundromat yesterday (only wash, no dry) made me realize the folly in more regular trips to said laundromat so after my run I just hopped on in the shower, clothes and all and along with a bowl of soapy laundry water I proceeded to hand wash and rinse my garments. Gotta say, it was about as wierd as I expected to get in the shower with my clothes still on and there was a nice slick tub floor as a result of the relatively thick laundry detergent soap but otherwise it seems to have worked out alright.

Anyway, I already hang dry all my technical fabric clothing and wool socks so I guess from here on out it'll be a wash board work out following up my regular activities. I do think though that from here on out I'll need to shift that job to the kitchen sink. It was kind of like shaving my legs in the shower; a whole lot of water used, without really putting most of it to use.

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