Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 5: Snowmagedon 2010

Our trash can has not yet been cleared off. The inside trash can is now full... Here we go.

I've been going a bit stir crazy to say the least. Aimee was in Sand Diego for the initial 3 days of snow lock down so I was entertaining myself with shoveling, BS'ing about getting plowed out with the neighbors and throwing snow at Cassie. I rode the Jamis with sub 10PSI in the tires all three days, the first just around the neighborhood and down to the Safeway, the second looking for the back hoe being used to clear the lots and the third I actually rode out to REI and Chipotle for a break from my daily boredom and unexciting food choices.

An interesting view out the front window. The blizzard conditions are not here right now, which is fine by me.

Beaver Dam was entirely unplowed brining my doubts about Sunday's GW Birthday Marathon running to a screeching halt and holding tight to a not so smart driver who tried to get through untouched 2-3 foot snow in a 4 door Nissan Altima sedan... Um... WHAT??? Yeah.

We finallu got plowed out Monday night; the back hoe finishing our lot up around 1o pm. Aimee got home from Dulles arirport around 11 with a parking spot waiting for her, I crashed out hard asleep and Aimee went to National and picked up her friend who'd also just flown back from San Diego and who couldn't get her car out of the lot and brought her back to our house. Who knew? She woke me up and told me but I'm pretty sure the only acknowledgement she got from me was in the neighborhood of "uuuugghhhh". I barely remembered it the next morning and I'm VERY doubtful I would have been cool with her driving her little Kia down there in the middle of the night on icey roads etc...

I took Katie back down with a shovel in the AM and shoveled/pushed her car out and then came back home and forced Aimee to go to REI with me and Brian who'd come over to escape his own case of cabin fever. I got some yaktrax (which are amazing lifesavers!!!) but they'd broken, presumably since I should have sized up from the recommended size for use with my big hiking boots. Got Aimee and pair and exchanged mine, Aimee picked up some more groceries and we came home.

Now, we're snowed back in with another solid 5 inches and blizzard conditions to remain through the rest of the day. Yum. I don't really think I want to ride the bike in blizzard like conditions...

The Jamis; reporting for duty.

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KMAX said...

Official word has just come in this morning that the marathon has been canceled or possibly postponed to March 28th...

Not so sure about that timing of the postponement but at least I don't have to feel bad about not having run since last Thursday anymore.