Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The great bicycle shuffle of 2010

After finding out I'd be receiving a larger tax refund then I'd expected and talking with MK a bit about bikes in general and his attitude toward them more specifically, I started making some new decisions and pulled a slightly unexpected, though much needed trigger on a decision. The Cannondale Scalpel I picked up a year ago has been sitting un-ridden since Big Bear, despite the fact replaced the derailleur hangar and rear derailleur and chain back a few months ago and it was ready to ride. I've just come to prefer the Jamis and every time I head out I've looked past the Scalpel to my SS.

Needless to say, after over 6 months of non-riding it was time to make the decision. I posted the bike on CL Wednesday and sold it Thursday night for the same price I bought it for though with an updated derailleur, chain and RD cable.

Origin 8 spacers on the 9 speed cassette hub body with a Surly 18t cog.

Without hesitating I headed over to Family Bike Shop and picked up the Stans wheel set with a nine speed rear hub, set it up with a sweet looking Origin 8 spacer kit. These will be replacing my laserdisc/no name hub wheels that came stock with the '07 Exile 29'er and will provide the opportunity to turn the single into a 9 speed if I decide I want to by simply picking up a shifter derailleur set and cassette. These look pretty enticing too:

That CASH money green would look pretty sweet on the green Dragon 29'er frame...

Stans ZTR Arch rims laced to ZTR hubs. To be set up tubeless once I figure out my preferred tires.

So, the wheel upgrade leaves me with 3 remaining original parts for the entire bike from the Exile; the headset, the crankset and the rigid fork.

A new Reba Race 29'er fork is due in sometime late this month and 2 crank brothers cobalt headsets will be as well for easy swapping between rigid/suspended forks. That leaves the crankset for which an upgrade is currently being contemplated as well. The Truvativ Stylo 1.1 would be a nice upgrade from the current FireX though the Noir would be a real dandy. Not sure I want to go with carbon cranks though so unless someone has a better suggestion for ways to go with the SS crankset I may go with the relatively inexpensive Stylo set.

More to come but I've gone on long enough again.

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