Monday, February 05, 2007

The Washington Post ran a story this morning about the District’s pedestrian survey that is being conducted until February 9. Reading through the article cycling was mentioned all of one time when discussing the method of transportation used for commuting in the district stating that 2% of people commute by bicycle. After reading the article I decided to go check out the survey and upon completing it saw that it too did not discuss cycling. I think the survey and the initiative are both excellent but the city should certainly not leave out one of the quickest, easiest and most economical modes of transportation available to us. I left a comment mentioning the lack of cycling in the plan and I think we should all make a point to do so.

If nothing else at least complete the survey to get your points out there. We can hopefully raise enough awareness of excessive speeding in the city if nothing else as that is probably one of the biggest hazards faced by both pedestrians and cyclists alike here.

The Washington Post Article

The DC DOT Survey

Main page for the DC Pedestrian Master Plan

Additional DDOT Survey:

Washcycle also brought up another important survey that affects the cyclists in the area. DDOT is conducting a survey on the Multi-Space Parking meters that have recently been installed in the Adams Morgan, Georgetown and K St areas of the city. While I think these overall are great and much better then the traditional parking meter they leave cyclists a bit on the screwed side especially in the bike centered Adams Morgan area since they eliminate a majority of the bike parking the area had to offer. Please take a couple more minutes and take this survey as well to let DDOT know the importance of installing new bike parking along these areas. The "lollipop" designs being used in Arlington could be a great option.

The DDOT Multi-Space Parking Meter Survey


theboy said...

I took the survey. I felt entitled as a too frequent visitor.

Is there any chance for real change?

KMAX said...

I feel confident in your responses to this survey being a fellow urban cyclist...

I don't know about the likelyhood of any real change, but the new mayor is a serious cyclist and I believe would do what he could to advocate a more walkable/bikable city.

Freewheel said...

The pedestrian survey was well-done. I like that you can name specific intersections that could be improved. Thanks for posting this.