Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bike commuters FTW

I've just got to say; right now I am SO happy to be a bike commuter most days. With the way things are going with the metro lately it just isn't a very reliable or comfortable way to travel at the time.

First I noticed this effort by metro to ensure safer train travel and knew things would be bad yesterday on all the trains with the excessive (it officially hit 102 at Ronald Reagan) heat.

Then last night when I got home I noticed a barrage of Metro Alerts and saw that there was a suspicious package snarling rush hour commuting on top of that. (Oh and apparently my Ad Mo Safeway had one too).

Finally this morning I noticed this post on Streets Blog on the latest NYC commuting nightmares. Apparently yesterday just was not a good day to be a commuter.

The best thing is that in the comments of the suspicious package post people start railing on bikes a bit. Not sure I understand why, it's not like it was a broken down bike causing all the problems, but hey just because you ride a bike and didn't get snarled on the metro yesterday go jump in the river. Right...

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