Monday, August 13, 2007

Farewell AdMo

My last official weekend in Adams Morgan and what a great weekend it was. I didn’t do what one might expect and go out and get drunk but instead went out for a couple of drinks Friday night before spending Saturday packing and preparing more for the move. Sunday morning I joined The Bike Rack 8:45 am ride with fellow Racing Union teammate Joe and had a pretty fun time. The ride seems to be a mostly easy paced ride following the typical out and back route featured in the Lanterne Rouge-esq ride we did a few times earlier this year and a few others I’ve done along the way.

I think Joe and I might have cause the pace to be a little higher then it normally would have been, but everyone stayed to together for the most part and overall I’d say it was a pretty great ride. When I first showed up to the shop I got a little nervous seeing a guy on a Bike Friday foldable bike but he managed to do pretty well on it for the majority of the ride and the pace was quick enough that I felt good about the ride afterwards. I’m going to need to do a lot more of these types of rides this off-season to build up my base better then it’s been this year. Luckily I’ll have plenty of good roads out near me to work on that as well.

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