Friday, April 25, 2008

A bit of optimism

Well it turns out the eye issue is an actual infection and not just a corneal scratch. Shit. So, instead of rest and maybe some aspirin like drops I’ve got an every two hour anti-biotic eye drop regiment going on right now. Oh and some pretty serious aversion to staring at my computer screen and being in the brightly fluorescent lit office space that is my office, but a deadline is a deadline.

Anyway, yesterday upon approval of the eye doc I went to the pool to swim some laps as the last few days off of any and all workouts was beginning to drive me a bit batty. I jumped in the new wetsuit, the Quintana Roo Ultra Full incase you’re wondering and started with a nice little warm up. I felt pretty good and felt ridiculously fast in the suit. I definitely think that despite the fact hat it is an entry level suit it is a lot faster then the Nineteen rental suit, plus the neckline was higher and kept more water out and the suit itself was not as stretched in general as the nineteen.

Anyway, after my warm up I did a 20 lap set followed by a cool down, a hard five or so and then another 20 lap set followed by a final cool down. All in all I got in about 1 and ¾ of a mile or 3000 yards; twice my previous long swim which felt great. Not to mention my entire swim was just smooth and graceful even as I got a little tired. It has me wondering what the hell happened to me on Sunday for that swim, but I understand there were a lot of different factors affecting that swim like a lack of a warm up mixed with purple fingers and toes at the start, my first mass group swim, my first open water swim and then my general fatigue and high heart rate to begin with. Not so much excuses for last weekend as reasons why next weekend should be so much better.

I’ve decided not to do Poolesville on the third to save myself, and more importantly my bike for Sunday’s triathlon. I’m really in no shape to be riding a 60 mile road race like that at the moment, plus my Michellin Race 2 Pro’s wouldn’t stand up to abuse I’m sure. I was hoping to pick up some nice armadillo’s for the race but I think I’m just going to pass on it entirely. Some how I think last weekend I had more fun crushing myself in the time trial format of the bike portion. There is something about picking people off in a line, sweat and snot running off my face and the triumphant feeling of just handing it to people out there on the course that I’m strangely drawn to.


Burnt Couch said...

yea. haven't quite figured out how to 'warm up' pre-triathlon without exhausting myself (at 5am!).

Meanwhile, you swam indoors with wetsuit? I need to soon enough but not looking forward to it. But yea, isn't it cool how freakin' fast you go in it? lol

KMAX said...

Yeah, I couldn't bear to go back to my slow ass, sinking whale style of swimming so I wore it for my two recent swims. The only issue is how warm it gets, but I can't complain too much about that considering how much faster and smoother I am with it.

It won't be the norm to wear it but I like it when I can.

As for warm up, I'm thinking this time I'll try and get in a good 5 minutes of swimming instead of just standing around looking at people. Hopefully that'll help bring the heart rate down for the start.