Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Picked this up from Gwadzilla:

Good or Bad? Who knows, though I suspect it depends on how you look at it:

a. Auto dealers selling mid to high end bicycles could help change the image of the bicycle in our car culture and assist in promoting them as transportation alternatives.

b. Specialized brand goes down the tubes...

I personally am throwing up a little in my mouth reading the article; though that has to do with my love of Specialized bikes mixed with my hatred of GM.
I understand this could bring good too.

"While Specialized remains committed to independent bicycle dealers, our products will also now be available across the nation in GM dealerships."


Scott said...

April Fools'!

Fritz said...

Think what this would do for GM's CAFE numbers.

KMAX said...

Thank you Scott. Your comment though really should have included a virtual backhand. I deserve it.

I believe we would see Hummers on the roads for the rest of our lives. Including next years introduction of the H20 - Yacht/SUV. Sort of like the duck boat tour mobiles but with the classic box look of a hummer, lack of usable space and 10 times bigger then a tour bus. Really, though, it's just what we asked for as consumers.

Burnt Couch said...

remember when Vokswagon was giving away Trek bikes and racks? You made me think this might be real for half-a-sec...but your love for Specialized gave it away.

Good work though =)