Sunday, April 27, 2008

Top fifteen in the GW Classic!

So, posing as Aimee today in the GW Parkway Classic I scored a 13th in the age group. Rock on Aimee! (It looks like I took 36th in my age group and 165th overall.) Phew, good thing I didn't take top 5 for her, that would have been a little hard to explain. The race was a bit rough and I probably shouldn't have done that kind of distance at the moment but nothing appears to have been damaged aside from my ego in not beating those damn 12 other girls! (Kidding I know I don't hold a candle to many of them). My only longer run of late was back around April 1st at about 9 miles so it was a little bit of a stretch for this today but it worked out alright. Hopefully this means with a bit more training I should be able to pop out a nice sub-7 minute mile pace for similar distance races coming up.

The race went pretty well though considering and thank god for the fairly flat course. I noticed what few and small inclines and declines there were so anything more probably would have broken me. The scenery as noted by Albe is definitely beautiful despite the overcast day (good for my light sensitive eyes) and I've definitely never driven that part of the Parkway before so that was cool. I went with just one contact and a hat which after a little while worked out fine. Had to adjust a little to the one good eye bit but it should work fine for the tri on Sunday if the eye is not sufficiently recovered by then.

In other unrelated news, I called the police today to report a "missing person" (I guess that's what you'd classify it as). An older neighbor hasn't been seen for a few days and there is a package, newspapers, an overflowing mail box and a recycle bin against the door (recycling is collected on Tuesdays) so I figured it better safe then sorry. Another neighbor asked me about her and pointed it out though she doesn't have a phone so I called. Now the police are waiting for someone to come by with a key so they can go in and check on her. This is a new experience for sure.

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