Sunday, August 10, 2008


Friday I decided to make up for my missed 90 minute run from Thursday as well as complete my long swim scheduled for Friday. The day was perfect for a run and after staying home sick (more of a mental health day) I got out for my run around 1. The workout called for 75 minutes at an easy pace (perceived exertion around a 3) and the final 15 minutes bumped up to about a 5.

The first 75 was great, I did the beaver dam to springfield to powder mill back in on research and down and around greenbelt lake which got me to about my 75 minute spot and for the final 15 I trucked it a bit through old greenbelt and down northway and around the softball fields and back. I managed right at about 12 miles for the run, probably harder then I should have been going though I want to turn up the training a bit from the plan I'm following so I'm not too worried about it. All in all it was a very good run at a pace of about 7:30. Once again not race winning but solid for me.

The swim went well too, 800 in warm up followed by two 900's at an RPE 3 and a 200 cool down. I swam more like an RPE 5 or 6 for the first and cooled it down for the second more. Unfortunately sometimes if someone is swimming beside me I end to turn things up a bit. Friday night wasn't bad since I feel I got some solid work in and didn't crush myself but I still swam faster then I needed to. I used my new lap counter Aimee got me for the second 900 and was pleasantly surprised by my lap consistency. My fastest and slowest laps were separated by less then 6 seconds and the fastest was lap 1 and slowest was lap 9 (of 18) which I think is pretty promising.

Went to bed Friday night feeling pretty good about the workouts for the day tired but feeling ready for Saturday mornings' DCTri training triathlon...

5:15 came early! The training tri at Haines Point went pretty well. I seeded myself along with the guy in front of me way to low and ended up having to make my way past at least 4 people during the swim. Self timed my swim at about a 7:41 for the 400 meters. Probably could've done a lot better had I been seeded correctly for the start. As it was I'd probably put myself at least a minute behind where I should have been. Out of the pool and to t1 was alright. I felt like I was slow on both transitions but I wasn't too worried about the transitions anyway.

The bike went well but not great. Coming back the far side of the point and especially heading down all the way to the turn around near Independence (?) was extremely windy, especially the second and third laps. I fought hard into the wind but I'm sure it broke my spirit a bit. I passed a bunch of people which is always helpful for the psyche but the ride was tough no matter what. I didn't keep specific bike time, I think I basically had from the end of the swim to the start of the run times which came out to something like 49 minutes. I'm guessing somewhere around 45 minutes for the 16.8 mile bike at an average of about 22 mph.

T2 and out for the run. My legs started to give the tell tale signs of coming cramps in the calves so I started out easy trying to just get a good turnover going without really pushing it too hard. The feelings passed and I worked on staying focused and running a bit out of my comfort level. I think I did alright in that regard as I kept myself pushing a little as opposed to settling into a comfortable pace for the majority of the run. Crossing the line I was a bit disappointed with my run time as I was hoping for at least sub-21 if not a sub-20 but I ended with a 21:21 run time for the 3.2 mile loop at a 6:41 pace.

Can't say I'm too disappointed with my performance considering though at the time I didn't quite see it that way. Afterwards I came home and passed out for a while before helping my brother in law finish his wood flooring. Needless to say I slept well last night and my legs are pretty thrashed today. Luckily today is a rest day, though I do really need to get some lawn work in...

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Burnt Couch said...

email me about this DCtri club thing? I know it's over and I'm sure I'm way late on the info. and your blogging but I'm thinking of starting up a Mont.County Tri group, so I'm looking for what they did.

thanx dude, btw. forgot to call you. we let dogs into the pool on the last day. Hope the puppy is doing well.

- B