Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Final results for the August Training Tri

The final results for the DCTri training triathlon were posted today and first off I did manage to run the time I was hoping to pull in. 20:58 for the 3.2 mile run, just barely under my 21 minute goal. Overall I came in 10th, though who knows on the age group/gender bit. I do believe I can do better then that though with how thrashed my legs were on Sunday and even Monday I'm not surprised or disappointed with the final results.

My swim pace was about 15 to 20 seconds off what I probably should be swimming, maybe more which I was excuse simply based on my seeding issues. I'm thinking I could easily have pulled in a 6 to 6:30 swim as opposed to my 7+. T1 was as suspected dreadfully slow at over 2 minutes but that doesn't necessarily bother me too much. I know I can manage a sub-one minute transition there when I want to.

The bike I think got windier as the race went on so an earlier start and faster swim might have given an advantage along with fresh legs. T2 was significantly faster at something like 48 seconds which was a nice surprise, while as I mention before my run was within my initial goal time (barely) of 21 minutes. Once again fresh legs and a little more motivation I feel fairly confident I could pull off a sub-20 minute 3.2 miles, much less my first sub-20 minute 5k.

So, there it is.

In other news I think I need to adjust my cockpit and seat hight on the CAAD9. While I am very comfortable in my aero bars I am probably not in a sufficient enough aero position to garner all the benefits of having them. I also feel, especially on the aero bars in TT mode when I slide forward on my seat a bit I have plenty of play (maybe too much) with my leg extension as it seems my knee is beyond slightly bent. I'll try some things out hopefully this week and next week to see if I can get things dialed in better. Still four and a half weeks to the Nations Tri to get things set correctly.

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Ayasha Kieth said...

You did a great job, but anyway I think there's a lot to adjust and to focus when joining some race


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