Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm about to head off for the north(ish) country of Northeast PA for the Thanksgiving with the family. Doing a last load of laundry before I leave in a couple of hours and brave the drive up 95.

Unfortunately despite the fact that I just got the mountain bike back I won't be taking it up with me. I just can't justify ditching the family (and Aimee) the one full day I spend there to go ride solo. Not to mention while I guarantee there are some great riding spots very near the folks house, I don't know any of them yet. Once Brian gets a mountain bike I'm sure we'll bring them up on occasion and find some great riding but for now I'm stuck with whatever running and hiking we may do.

Hopefully Sunday the weather will have been decent and I can get out for a quick ride before the week starts. God, I'm already talking about the end of the "vacation", I need another vacation!

To all those traveling for the holiday here's to your safe arrival and return, and to everyone I hope you have a nice, relaxing and comfortable Thanksgiving holiday.

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