Friday, November 21, 2008

My 2009 Wish List

Last year when he first started the Ambassadors program, Mike asked us all to put together a list of products we might be interested in using through some type of sponsorship/demo deals. I missed the deadline for the post but then took the idea and went ahead and wrote my own post as a general CY2008 wish list of biking related gear; things I hoped to get my hands on during/for the 2008 season. I stumbled across that post today and decided it was time for me to post my CY2009 bicycling wish list and maybe comment on the results of my 08 version.

So, without further ado and since I know you’re all so curious as to what I’m wishing for this year – My CY2009 Bike Stuff Wish List!

The small stuff:

This goes right along with last year’s post; I can always use new socks, caps and gloves as well as tubes and tires. Of the two cycling caps I own, one is just getting ratty and gross and the other is somewhat too big for my head. More of them would be good. I need to invest in some more DeFeet wool socks for riding in the cold and some more cycling socks in general since most of mine are starting to wear out pretty badly. My fixed gear needs a new rear tire, my C’dale road bike needs new front and rear tires and I have no other mt tires other then what came with the Exile. I need to invest in some rubber.

Gu’s and sport drinks have become more ingrained in my training and racing routine and really add up as the season goes on.

The Medium stuff (aka stuff I may actually get):

Bump those tires down here actually. The armadillos on the fixed gear (and probably on the roadie for the winter season) run about $50/tire. The racing slicks for the racing season I like are Michelin Pro’s, $40+ for the Pro2’s, and I think $60+ for the Pro3’s. Ouch. 29’er mountain tires? Haven’t really even looked yet but I KNOW it’s gonna hurt.

Upgrades for the mountain rig – I really need to get some new grips on the Jamis. I’ve heard great things about those Ergon grips and the way my hands have been feeling lately on mtb rides I can definitely see the benefits. I’d also like to upgrade the handle bar, stem and seat post while I’m at it. More for this category in a bit too.

Riding gear: can never have enough riding gear, especially for the cold weather. I need to look into some nice wool jerseys as well as a good warm and wind blocking cycling cap. A balaclava has been on the wanted list for a bit as well.

Riding light – At some point I’m going to need to invest in a decent lighting system for night riding. The two I have (a performance brand 10 Watt light and the Niterider Road Rat) are ok but they aren’t as bright as I’d like. Also I jerry-rig the head light set up and the niterider is heavy as sin, plus it’s on loan to the bro in law for commuting for now. I’d like to try and get my hands on the Niterider MiNewt for a good helmet light and higher end light for the handle bar mount. We’ll see.

Road cycling shoes – Didn’t get these last year and I could still use a new pair. I’ve been watching Chainlove and they always have some amazing shoes for amazing (relative) deals but for now my money is tied up in, well vapor… and xmas presents. Oh and the ones on chainlove half the time are national championship version or gold or team liquigas replica type deals that I’d feel like I tool riding in. My flashy red and black Northwave Chameleon mtb shoes are flashy enough for me. I’m also kind of caught up on whether I should be investing in some decent tri shoes here also. During the season I got to where I’d take the shoes off while on the bike and I can see where the tri specific shoes would be very beneficial there.

Helmet – I still just have the one. Rudy project was offering some great deals through DCTri I believe so maybe I can get in on that one of these days.

Pedals – It’s time to upgrade the mtb from the basic SPD pedals. I’m eyeing up some crank brothers candy sl pedals. Could be nice

The big stuff (aka not gonna happen in this economy):

Well last year I wanted a new hardtail but got a new rigid, single speed. I was happy with that. As fate has directed it seems I’ve now ended up with a frame which would make a great hardtail. I’m thinking that’s the eventual direction I’ll be taking it. As I was saying before with the upgrades, new geared set up. I’m thinking X.9 components, fox fork, some higher end brakes, some nicer, lighter 29’er wheels… Then maybe a used single speed 29’er frame and I’ll be pretty set up there. So, what I’m saying is, I think I should be thinking about a full squishy. Yeah, I know I’ve always said I think it’d be unnecessary and there is nothing here to use it on, but I now believe I’m wrong. Nothing in mind specifically at the moment but it’s there in the back of my mind. Brooding.

Next, and even less likely – A Tri-Bike.

Aero wheels

Aero helmet

Blah blah blah.

This is getting to be too much. I should have just posted a link to a high end bike shop’s web site and saved myself (and anyone reading this) the time.

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