Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cassie's new... Uncle???

My childhood dog Christy, passed away last October leaving my folks pet-less and my retired/professional quilter mother home alone while my dad worked during the day. She said she didn't mind and didn't want a new pet but after my dad submitted an application to a springer rescue group and the date of adoption drew near it became pretty obvious that she was excited for her new buddy to arrive.

Rags finally arrived as their new adoptee and the calm 2 year old they were told all about appears to be more of a destructive puppy them I believe they bargained for. Brings back memories of Christy from my childhood. Crate brakes and kitchen trash strewn all over the house...

Luckily Cassie loves her Crate so I've been able to leave her in it without feeling too bad about it. Some day probably soon I know she'll be fine but for now I'm going to keep my bed intact. This weekend Cass and I will probably do our fair share of working out some of that puppy energy while I'm up helping Pops with his new workshop above the garage. God I'm jealous of that.

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