Friday, May 15, 2009


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Blackberry weather system joel said...

Great to see your photos.i suggest you some tips about photgraphy Pick a nice location -- a park is perfect. Make sure there's no litter around the car or distracting background.

-- Put the car in the shade or wait for clouds to roll in. This makes the paint look more saturated, reduces glare and softens harsh shadows

-- Wet the car down with a hose -- makes it look shiny and new. Wet the ground around it as well so it doesn't look hokey. If you can't do that (winter) at least get it washed.

-- Take 3/4 views. That means, point the camera at the corners of the car.

-- A low angle makes the car look more aggressive.

-- If you can, shoot the interior without flash. You'll avoid glaring hot spots and overexposure.