Thursday, May 21, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Sunglasses - Tifosi Whatevers

Decent glasses off of Chainlove with interchangeable lenses. Bought them cause they were cheap, had the interchangeable lenses and the description says they're for small/medium faces. Winner. Turns out they're about right in general but at the temples they're a bit wide still so they stick out and still make me look like a bug. Whatever.

One pair came with clear lenses while the other didn't, disappointing for mountain biking, though the amber lenses are good to a point. The frames are pretty cheap which in reality is good since I loose my glasses easily but the paint is already chipping from the lens exchange a bit. The nose pieces are nice and very adjustable.

They fogged up during the humid and rainy climbing in the Smoky's this past weekend but for the most part they performed very well, shielding my eyes from the huge drops coming down and keeping my contacts from completely drying out as much as they generally do during fast decents.

Overall pretty good, wish they looked better on me so I could wear them outside of riding but not that big a deal. Cheap and easy sunglasses are the way to go for me.