Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Feet

Frustrating: Over the last 6 months I log a few hundred miles training, both road and trail, run two 50k's and my feet come out roses. No blisters or any other significant issues to report. Yesterday I ran 16 miles home on paved hiker/biker trails and roads and I end up with a blister on each foot, one sore and slightly rubbed heal and somewhat raw forefoot on both feet. What's up with that?

I'm going to chalk it up as a function of a combination of wearing my trail shoes (Brooks Cascadia 4s which I haven't worn as much as others) on the paved surfaces along with the irritating wool DeFeet socks. While the socks have certainly worked wonderfully previously, they are beginning to wear pretty heavily so maybe the worn down defeats cause more abrasion then fresh less worn pairs might? Wishful thinking that I can blame it more on the socks then the shoes. That said, I may need to stick to more trail use with these Cascadias. Of course, 16 miles on roads is probably too much for any trail shoe I suppose even if they are reviewed well for use on the road sections of trail races...

The good news is my feet feel significantly better this morning then they did when I got home yesterday evening.

On another, though similar front, I'm finally reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Really, surprisingly gripping read. Much more build and suspense then I'd have expected out of it and a very motivating book; especially to really get out and do some real mountain/serious trail running. Combine it with the volunteer time at the Elizabeth Furnace Fat Ass 50k during which the trails were running streams and the "creek" crossings were raging rivers and our 10 mile training run the prior day on the same trails produced elevation gain of well over 2000' and I'm really getting the itch! If only I lived closer to the mountains!

The book is reinforcing a slight twinge of interest in trying out some barefoot/uber-minimal shoe running. The book touts the benefits of a strengthened foot, and rails pretty heavily against modern running shoes and Nike in particular. I'm not interested in losing the running shoes, especially for my trail running; but the interest in a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is certainly increasing. (I have to admit I'd expected a little more in weight savings from these then they have listed; 11.2 ounces per shoe while my Mountain Masochists are something like 11.8 ounces per shoe. If anything I think this could just further improve my stride from the heal strike style I've been moving away from over the last year or so. Have to say I've come a long way without the 5Fingers though on the other hand with my dividend, 20% off coupon and $30 gift certificate I'd get them few a few bucks out of pocket... Enticing.

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TerribleTerry said...

One of these days I'll need to get out there an run again.