Friday, March 05, 2010

When it rains, it pours

After weeks of radio silence, I've got a little more to say.

Seneca Creek Greenway 50k is tomorrow. Matthew and I will be tackling that one at 8am.

I got the latest in upgrades for the Jamis in on Monday including the Reba Race fork. Also included an XT crankset and some anodized green crank bros egg beater pedals. I'd like to swap out both the road and mountain bikes to these if I end up liking them for more compatibility when it comes to shoes. It'd be nice to be able to walk around without killing myself or taking my shoes off at the office when I commute on the road bike.

The new crankset and pedals.

Pedal shot. Love that green!

The bike is definitely shaping up pretty darn nice. I'm also working on getting my hands on a matching green anodized Chris King headset so once I get that the bike will be full upgraded.

At this point I'm thinking if I manage to sell off the ss ghetto cross and the Fuji Track bikes I'll use part of those proceeds to pick up a carbon White Brothers rigid fork Jonathon has at the shop and really have a sweet set up either way I go. The current Jamis rigid fork I've got is suspension corrected so it holds the front end up pretty high. With the WB it'd be a much racier front end which is exactly what I'd be looking for for my rigid set up.

Better pix to come once I get everything worked out and installed. Oh and this will about do it for the original parts off the Exile I actually bought 2 years ago. The headset and fork are the last remaining pieces. Wow.


ultrarunnergirl said...

How was Greenway 50k? Hope you were able to do more running than slipping and sliding! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog and I will be sure to share all good tips from Costa Rica!

KMAX said...

The course was surprisingly nice! The most difficult part ended up being the frozen packed snow that was heavily traveled making footing a bear. Later in the race there was a bit of mud but not nearly what I expected.

I did slip and fall on a nice little off camber slope of mud, but its just no fun if you don't finish up with some dirt on your face!