Friday, March 26, 2010

Seneca Greenway 50K Fame

Some shots have surfaced from the Seneca Greenway Trail race. I was all alone when they saw me apparently so there are a bunch of me. WoHoo! Look how tired I look!

Notice the mud along my right arm and knee. Pretty sure it was on my face too but you can't see it. Yeah, I took a sweet muddy spill at a nice off camber section. One of those spots were I saw the fall coming well before I took the stride but still didn't alter my route.


This one I like to call focus.

Sasquatch sighting!

Smile is proof that I was actually enjoying myself out there!

Matthew was cruising with a group of people so didn't get the highlight reel of photos I got. I'll go ahead and just say they took more pictures of the better looking one!

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