Saturday, May 05, 2007

Biking in New York City

Up in NYC for the bike tour on Sunday and I'm writing this from a coffee shop just North of Chinatown (not really sure where we are but I know we just rode through Chitown. NYC on a bike is amazing, a bit hectic during rush hour yesterday but it's so easy to get around here on the bike. I still need to get batter at having people follow me as Swan is having a tough time keeping with me the way I ride but for the most part we're having a great time. I'll have a ful report upon my return to DC but for now I'm having a blast.


theboy said...

I'm anxious to hear about your tour. This summer we're talking about a bicycle "tour" of Chicago stretched over a 4-5 days.

KMAX said...

I think that would be awesome. Formal or just self planned? I think a self planned few day tour would be perfect!