Thursday, May 17, 2007

LT and B to W Day! Get on that!

Tough, tough LT workout at the point tonight for Scott and I (Chris and Mikhail wussed out…). Mostly tough though due to the abnormally high number of busses doing weird things and causing issues for cyclists and cars alike; one almost ran over Scott twice. Otherwise it was good, though I wasn’t feeling that bad until I got back to office; since then however my legs have felt a bit weary and exhausted. LT is tough, as Scott explained to me because it’s so much of a mental workout to just keep hammering. While it is not the high level aerobic workout, the work is hard and the mind especially wants to stop. So far I’ve managed to overcome the stopping call, though I think a bit of a lack of focus leaves me with a little less of a workout then I would ideally be getting.

On another note, according to WashCycle tomorrow’s Bike to Work day is poised to be DC’s largest yet with 1400 registered participants and more coming! That is great! I’ll be joining my neighbor to ride out to Rosslyn to meet some team mates and another coworker before heading back in. Tomorrow should be a great time for an even better cause. Make sure you to bike to work with us tomorrow!


Beakerz said...

I would have participated in the 'ride to work' but I didn't have time (as a teacher) to ride the 30 miles each way...mostly because today I travel West. Wish me luck on finding a wetsuit quickly so I can get in the waves, rather than just the water out there.

Meanwhile, you and me both brother = hard workout yesterday

KMAX said...

Yeah, that becomes a bit hard. I'm very lucky with the flexibility offered by my job.

Oh and definitely good luck on that wetsuit, I'm not sure I'm ready to plunk down that chunk of change just yet for one but more power to ya!