Thursday, February 28, 2008

The battle continues

Wow! How cool is that? GW Bush decided to drop by the old FPB to see what’s up here at the Department of Labor. I was sitting in my cube working away for my man when suddenly the old guy walks right in says hello we had a little chat about my work! I offered him one of my Girl Scout cookies and he only made 1 secret servicemen try it to make sure it was safe! Wow what a swell guy he is.

Actually the truth of the matter the soon to be not-so-dearly departed Prez did stop by the building today. We were not invited; we were not officially told. We were harshly greeted and spoken to if we happened on any ground within 100 feet of anything within sight of him actually. The reason for this surprise visit? You guessed it; another attack by the four wheeled hegemony on those of us that toil on two wheels.

Bush along with his three hundred and seventy six vehicle escort service ascended on the garages of the FPB like a horde of gnats in the swamps of Louisiana. All traffic was shut in or out; no bicycle rescue was allowed. Noon ride plans were thwarted, once again by the man.

You may have won the battle; but you’ll never win the war!

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