Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new addition

The blog is an interesting thing for me… I always want to post and start to think about what I’m going to write, but then I decide I’d rather be out there doing what I want to write about as opposed to well, sitting there writing about it. Not saying I’ve been out riding or running or training a bunch, but I’ve been keeping busy for the most part.

Most recently I got a puppy; not what I’d been planning since the last thing I was thinking in this venue was a 6 year old lab rescue but this came up and I couldn’t pass it by. So, I’ve got a tiny 11 week old baby girl (lab/hound mix). The runt of her litter had to be tube fed before she would start eating at 3 lbs 4 ounces 4 or 5 weeks ago and now she’s moving up on 12 + lbs. Crazy watching her grow. So naturally most of my time is being taken up by that right now.

She’s a good little hiker and follows right on my heels through the trails across the street from my house, climbing over downed trees twice her size. Can’t wait till she’s bigger and we can head out on longer backpacking trips and start running.

Monday with the day off and the unexpected beautiful weather my brother in law and I headed out on a little bike and run combo. We did about 10 miles on the bike and only about a 2 mile run but we’ll be ramping it up a bit more this weekend. I rode the fixed gear, wearing shorts and a short sleeve jersey… God I love this weather. Monday night I refused to let go and wore my flip flops despite having to also wear my perma-loft jacket to stay warm in rapidly dropping temperatures.

Anyway, that’s what’s new with me here. Hopefully as the pup gets settled in I’ll start getting out on the bike more often and as the weather starts to agree with me more I’ll start commuting via bike again as well. We’ll see. I’ve gotten myself into a slightly comfortable rut of driving to fort totten and taking the metro from there. What can you do?


TerribleTerry said...

Looks/sounds just like my dog. She's 2 now. Same circumstances same breed mix. We'll have to introduce them to each other at a race or Racing Union function sometime. Speaking of functions. I have training in Beltsville, MD April 7-11th. Maybe we can ride together each day before or after.

Karen said...

Omg. That puppy is too adorable for her own good.

Beakerz said...

one of the cutest doggies ever! can't wait to meet up with her again....and ride with ya again ;)

thanks for the use of the bike again