Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gonna Be War

You've probably all seen the sensation.

This may be even better... It's like hope, but different.

And, believe me. No, you can't; you little jerk.


John P. said...

Funny how Obama wants to buddy buddy and reward our political enemies (Iran), but doesn't want us to trade freely with our political friends (Korea). Oh, darn, that's right, he's bought and paid for by crooked unions.

KMAX said...

It seems to me more harsh political bullshit is exactly what we don't need in our relationships with Iran much less the entire middle east. An enemy is created over years of improper international policy; none so improper as our oil grubbing policies towards the middle east since the 70's. You'd think we'd have gone the other way there but here we are bowing the almighty power of the gas pump 30 years later.

I don't have a broad enough knowledge of the issues with Korea to even begin to comment there but I'll have to assume you're talking about South and not North considering a couple of years ago they were threatening a nuclear arsenal. (Never mind that they are too undeveloped to successfully create one).

Obama actually cares about what is happening to this country; within this country. What's more is Obama cares about what the rest of the world thinks about us as well. The BEST form of foreign policy is one that pours water on the fire, not gasoline. Lessening the tension between the US and Iran is the best possible first step in creating a safer America.

As for the specific buddy buddy bit... Isreal and Palestine have held talks, which is what Obama has said he would like to do with Iran. That doesn't mean they are all of a sudden best friends.

John P. said...

I want to like Obama, he talks a good game. But, I happen to remember GW in one of the debates with Gore say that he wanted to concentrate more on U.S. domestic policy and leave other countries to work out their individual differences rather than the USA always being in the middle of everything. It was around the time when it looked as though the crazy boom was teetering and people were starting to think about the economy again. I liked that stance at the time, Still do.

9/11 changed a lot of that thinking. He blundered badly by invading Iraq. Mostly by listening to a CIA that was politically motivated to ruin him, and a need to do "something" after we were attacked so brutally by those thugs.

It's all a mess, and I like to live outside the political sphere, but I do vote, and I'd give Obama a chance if he promises not to put his hand too far into my wallet.

Anyway, Ride hard! :)

KMAX said...

Agreed and I see what you're saying there with that. (I'll admit, at the time I was not a voting individual, not by choice but by age discrimination... ;-)

9/11 certainly changed a ton; though I remember saying after we went into Afghanistan that I thought he made the right choice. Then we went to Iraq and of course here we are.

It's sad that even after all that no one could mount a reasonable opponent to get him out after 4 years.

I must say I feel pretty confident that no matter who wins this next election, we will be in a better position then we are now. I hate the idea of staying in Iraq, we're damned if we do we're damned if we don't, McCain, Obama, Clinton... None of them could mess us up worse then Bush did.

I just want to ride... :)

(and hike and camp and... enjoy it while we got it...)