Monday, March 31, 2008

Compulsion: 1, Self Control: 0

In a stunning display of covert assault, compulsiveness took a breathtaking victory over self-control this past weekend in the arena known as Proteus. On a routine part pick-up on Saturday, Kevin “Kmax” Stapleton was blindsided by the seductive flat black finish and big wheeled mobility of the Jamis Exile and is now the proud new owner of said black beauty.

Yeah, I did it. I should never have even looked at them, but I had too. And, sense I was there, I figured, might as well ride it. Big mistake. This bike is so versatile, sexy and sweet it was impossible for there to be any other outcome. So, anyone interested in an older (98/99) Trek 6000?

The Exile can be set up easily as a 9 speed or run as the single speed 29’er she was born to be. I’ve got the rear derailleur already so we’re half way there if it becomes necessary. I’ve been dreaming of a 29’er for a while now, gazing lustily every opportunity I get.

Anyone interested in a 98/99 Ovation Celebrity Deluxe acoustic electric guitar?

On Sunday I went back with the bro-in-law who is in the market for a new road bike to replace the 1980’s Schwinn Traveler he’s been training on. Turns out there’s a sweet 07 model year Jamis Ventura Elite 20% off coming out to about $850. Not too shabby; especially considering the 08 version (with full Ultegra, the 07 is Ultagra RD, 105 FD/Levers) runs near $1500, and the comp (full 105) is $1100. I spent a bit of time this morning working up a nice piece on why this is such a sweet deal including excellent reviews on and a discussion of our country’s financial stimulus plan. I think I might have done some convincing. I also tacked on a bit of the efficiency improvement measures that I pulled out of my ass, though considering the difference in rolling resistance in the wheels alone I guarantee there will be a big difference.

Anyone want to buy a Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket and/or a nice Arai helmet?

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Burnt Couch said...

Your Jamis is sick looking! I like your single speed too but -drool- over Jamis.