Friday, May 02, 2008

Freewheeling himself into his terrible two's

This post is a meme in honor of the great Freewheeling Spirit. I don't do many meme's, I think I've done a total of one actually, but here, I am being punished for being a loyal Freewheeling reader.

So, my blog I guess is right around the corner from it's 2 year anniversary. In reality I believe I am much younger then Mr Spirit, though in blog years, he's only a couple of months my senior! My first post, announcing my intentions to blog to the world, or at least to myself maybe found here.

My (possibly) most read post is a horribly written post about me being a socially awkward doof, meeting the soon to be Mayor elect, Adrian Fenty at his parent's Adams Morgan Fleet Feet shop. (I'm not totally sure on this as I have no sitemeter anymore and never really looked anyway).

I have no clue what my most commented post would be, but I'll go out on a limb and say I'm not very popular and 7 is my max.

It took me a while to figure this one out, but I finally did. This is by far my favorite post. Mostly just because I loved rowing so much in college and I will never have that same thing again. I could reminisce about crew all day and all night if I was given the chance. Quite appropriately, it links to Freewheeling Spirit for providing inspiration to the post.

Most fun? I have no idea. Some of of the more fun things I've posted about lately have surrounded this type of thing.

No quitting, but a couple of soul searching directional shifts, or something like that. Alright I can't find them and I'm finished looking. They're there, I promise, though they're not very interesting anyway.

Thanks Freewheel for this painful look back at the wretched, random and sad life of this blog. In all seriousness, congratulations on your second successful year of blogging; I hope for my own sake there will be many more to come!

Your faithful reader (even if I can't comment anymore b/c of computer firewall crap),


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Freewheel said...

Thanks, KMAX. It's great that you did this even though memes aren't your thing (and who can blame you?).

The best thing about this is that I had missed your Fenty post and enjoyed reading it. Great insight into the mayor and his family, and also now we know you're going to be mayor someday.

Oh, and you're right. I am an old man. Remember that if you ever pass me because I'm riding so dreadfully slow. I'll take any excuse i can get.