Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dirty swine

A week and a half ago I went to Florida for my buddy Mike's bachelor party, stretched over 4 nights in Orlando and Tampa. Pretty much went as I'd expected with way too much alcohol and high school antics for my old body to handle so my own celebrations were cut down to only 3 nights. Sunday I spent the entire day in bed listening to brain numbing bass coming from the full time DJ at the Tampa resort we were staying at.

I figured I was just tired and hungover at that point. When I came home Monday with a hgih fever and chills and the tell tale signs of the FLU I realized otherwise. Turns out at least half the group came down with some form of the same thing; Mike told me he was sitting at work drooling on himself while staring blindly at his computer screen. I was fortunate enought o have sick days I could use but my feelings of last week are about the same.

So, back to reality, after a one and half day work work I headed to PA to bring up some stuff to the folks and spend a relaxing weekend. Did a little light rowing and kayaking and very brief hike and otherwise just generally rested. Sunday when I got home I tried to run and did 5.5 miles over at GNP with Cass. I had to walk a few times and definitely ran slower then I can remember running but I'm glad I got out and did it.

I still feel like I have asthma and walking up a flight of stairs still leaves me straining a bit for breathe but every day I'm feeling a little bit better. Yesterday we had a pandemic flu briefing at work so I of course made sure to project my coughing out over the entire auditorium so we can get this ish over with; with a flair of irony.

Tonight I'm hoping to get in an easy dirt ride, maybe at Rosie to see how the lungs are progressing. With Nation's tri only 3 and a half weeks away, I'm likely going to have to resign myself to the base fitness level I'm at with maybe a couple more LT work outs thrown in before I have to cut and run with what I've got.

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