Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some bits and pieces...

A couple of random things.

First, I've been struggling a little bit with finding the perfect socks for running in my Montrail Highlander trail shoes. They fit great and feel great all around, except for my right pinkie toe. Any run over about 6 or so miles and my toe starts to get rubbed a bit too much and blister is either formed or rubbed off.

Saturday for my long run, due to all my other decent athletic socks being in the wash I decided to try the supposed winter weight DeFeet Woolie Boolies I bought specifically for winter cycling since my feet get so cold in the winter. Turns out they were by far the best socks I've got for the job! My feet felt awesome after the run and never felt over heated by the heavy wool socks. They weren't even as soggy as I would've expected considering my shoes were soaked through by the end of the run. Just a bit of body glide and these socks and it looks like I've found my magic solution.


Another thing. My training log on Runner's World keeps track of shoes and mileage for me so always know where I stand with my shoes. With my run last night I broke 100 miles on my Montrails which I only just bought in June and really started using more heavily over the last few weeks. In comparison, my Nike's I bought back in August of last year have just over 140 miles on them. My Asics which I bought a bit before the Nike's are around 230 miles but unfortunately are exceptionally close to retirement as they're just about broken down entirely. I've heard this is one problem with Asics shoes; much shorter life spans though they are awesome shoes while they last.

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