Monday, August 03, 2009

There's more to life then sport?

Between the longer then usual recovery period after the Pittsburgh Tri, (my legs were sore for 4 or 5 days after the race) general never ending house work and the added bonus of having my Father and Bro-In-Law slated to help with that this weekend and prepping for Aimee moving in at the end of the month, my workouts took a major backseat to the rest of life. Friday I managed to squeeze out a quick loop at GNP between work and a date night with Aimee but the remainder of the weekend was full of house work/prep and family time. I'm not complaining about though.

On Saturday my father came by with Brian and they helped bust out the long anticipated molding work for the living/dining room area of my house. I'd been putting this off for way too long so it was great to finally get it going. For the base board we did basic 1 x 6 for a clean and simple look. In checking out a few neighbors' houses lately I'd noticed how nice the crown molding made their downstairs areas look so I was really pumped to get this put up in my place. I'd say it turned out great!

Molding and the new light I installed last week. The place is starting to look like a home.

There is still some painting and sanding to do but the improvement is stunning and undeniable. The area is really finally coming together and starting to look great. A major thanks to Brian and Dad for all their hard work this weekend!

After all the work was done we all headed down to downtown Silver Spring for dinner at Adega. If you've never been I highly suggest it. By far my favorite place (other then Pacers of course) in DT SS.

Gratuitous dog shot.

This morning after a a rough night of sleep (an inability to fall asleep for 3 or 4 hours is never nice) I decided to turn off the alarm, wake up a bit late and get the pup and myself out for another loop at GNP, though this time at a much slower pace. Friday I felt heavy and sluggish from a week of not working out and eating too much though the legs were pretty fresh from the rest. Today the legs were tired and sore (and my pace showed it) and my upper back, shoulders and neck were very noticably tensed up and uncomfortable. It may be time for another serious message before the Nation's tri comes and leaves my muscles all jacked up again in September.

In other news got word today that the pics from the Pittsburgh Tri were ready. Generally a bit dissapointing but in the end we don't do it for the pictures.

Some decent shots of me coming out of the water. I look like I put some work in there. Search for racer 387 for the other 2.


linknblogs said...

You have done a really nice job with the crown molding. It is truly amazing the transformation that takes place by putting in some hard work and time to put up the crown. It is one of the best ways to liven up a room, add a completeness, and add value to a home. Great work! Thank you for sharing!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kevin -- it was Sunday!