Friday, August 21, 2009

We're all gonna die!

The other day I mentioned my office's pan-flu briefing (you know, where I spread my swine flu germs around?)

Well, this morning while I rinsed my coffee mug in the bathroom sink, the speaker and all around emergency planner guru for our Agency came in and used the facilities. When he came up to wash his hands when he was finished he gave them a 2 second burst of water, dried them off and walked out of the bathroom.


This is the same guy who was telling us all on Monday we should sing happy birthday to ourselves while vigorously scrubbing our hand with soap and hot water (for 20 to 30 seconds) everytime we use the facilities to help prevent the upcoming devestation of the pandemic flu!

When it happens I'm totally blaming him.


DaveG said...

Do as they say; not as they do. I did that 20-30 seconds thing once; I felt like I was OCD.

KMAX said...

Chuck Norris doesn't need use soap. A kung foo chop scares any germs off his hands.

20 to 30 seconds is a bit extreme though there IS soap in the bathrooms. Just sayin.