Monday, July 31, 2006

Relatively quiet weekend this weekend, my roommate Pat was out of town. I actually haven't seen him for over a week now I think even though we sleep less then 20 feet from each other. It seems like everytime I get home later then 8 he has just gone out to meet up with some friends and doesn't get home till well after I go to sleep. Then since I like to get to work early we never really pass in the morning either. So last Friday, even though I left work at three and was home by 3:30/3:45 he had already left for the beach. Not gonna lie; I'm kinda jealous. But I think he is coming back today so I just might see him tonight, though maybe not since I may go to screen on the green. If not I probably won't see him till the weekend though since that just seems to be the way it works.

Got my bike on Saturday from the neighbors and it is amazing. There were some issues with some minor missing parts but I got those taken care of and rode it in to work this morning. Lots of fun even though there is only the front brake at this point. Can't wait to get it out to try out the fixed gear though I am still a little nervous about killing myself with that one; apparently is you stop pedalling it is relatively easy to go ass over elbows over the handle bars.

Hit up a neighbors BBQ/Keg Party on Saturday night for a little bit and BS'd with the new neighbors and then hit up Madam's Organ where I proceeded to act a fool and dance and just make a plain joke of myself. Sunday the fam came to finally visit and see the new place and we ate mexican food and sat and talked for a while. Pretty relaxing day, untill the restless night of no-sleep that always seems to occur come Sunday night. Back to work today where the morning was spent attempting to keep my eyes open...

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