Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sports dissapointment #2...

Today I read a very disappointing (and truthful) blog. This guy Matt Sussman is completely right in his view about Reggie Bush. As doubtful as it is that he would honestly consider sitting out till next year and entering the draft again it is a tremendous let down to me, a very big fan of his and USC in general. I mean first I was pretty disappointed, though not suprised when he decided to forgo his senior season at Southern Cal to enter the draft, but I mean in all reality, yeah you know that made sense. He had done amazing things there and left with dignity and respect from a great program and will now allow a new group of backs to take their turn.

But no he is going to hold out on contract negotiations and demand more money when I guarantee what they are offering is no small sum. I mean it almost seems like he’s playing contract negotiations like a game, or a popularity contest of “who can be the highest paid rookie of all time or something…” I mean he’s good, we all know that. But the amount of money he would make just as the bottom of the totem pole NFL player would be more then enough money for anyone I know. The last I heard minimum NFL salaries are set at something like $250K. Not bad for a average sized companies CEO much less a guy who plays a game for a living… Not to mention he’s getting something like $5 million in endorsements whether he even plays at all this year.

I wish some player would step up and make a real statement with their contract. Go in there and take a decent signing bonus or something and play for the league minimum or even $1 a year or something “ridiculous” like that. I think they’d survive and maybe, just maybe it might send a shock wave through the rest of the sports community. Better yet, demand some ridiculous amount and then as soon as you get it, donate most of it to help build New Orleans; would be a great “thank you for having me” present from Reggie to the city that is already kneeling at his feet.

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