Friday, July 21, 2006

Alright, so my father apparently thinks I looked like a terrorist... When I went out to dinner with my Aunt and Cousin they told me the last time they had seen him he said he was suprised the DC police didn't pick me up walking around the mall suspecting me as a terrorist. Thanks for the love Pops!

It's Friday finally! I of course am hung over, the typical Friday for me, but hey last night was definitely a good time. Did the Ella's thing then hit up the opening night party for the DC Fringe Festival, pretty off the wall and different to me but still a good time. Spent a majority of my time there bsing with a girl from the City Paper.

Managed for the second week in a row to have no contact whatsoever with Pat for three days straight. It's funny we have to sit down and talk for a while just to catch up with what we've been up to; you know like how are the wife and kids type shit. The other nights though we go out for dinner about every night and usually go party together too so I guess it's probably better we don't see each other for extended periods of time.

Softball on Wednesday... yeah we'll just leave it at that.

Other then all that no wild and crazy expriences the past week. The DC United game was a great time and we went out for a drink after to say the final goodbyes to Jeff then went out with Andrea and Brian (brother in law) to party the rest of the night away. Ended up meeting up with an ex from High School at the Reef and grabbing Jumbo Slice to calm the stomach (right...)

Oh but I am very proud of the fact that over the last week I have officially introduced three new people to the joys of a jeager bomb! They even actually liked them!

Next Wednesday I'm going speed dating with Trow and Joe... Should be a good time, hopefully with plenty of good stories to follow...

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