Friday, July 14, 2006

A Blog... Finally

I've finally decided that I am way to far behind the times on this blog thing so here goes... my first blog. I have my doubts as to my dedication to keeping it updated ona regular basis however I will do my best. It kind of like writing in a journal though which I have never been very good at although I always liked to say that it was just because it would make my hand hurt to write so much. Anyway..

Had a great week this week; disc on Tuesday night, DC United game with Jeff and Liz Wednesday and a crazy final happy hour for Jeff on Thursday. The night was a blast and I ended by stuffing myself with falafel... I love my new location. I'm kind of excited for tonight because I have some relatives in town and we are weeting up for dinner somewhere in Adams Morgan. Should be a pretty good time; I haven't seen them in years since they are from all the way up in upper penninsula Michigan.

Then tomorrow I have disc in the morning and then another DC United soccer game that night with Jeff, Andrea and my future brother-in-law. He's also coming out to play disc too so I guess we'll be spending a nice brother bonding day together.

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