Saturday, November 04, 2006

Over doing it...

I've known for the past few weeks that I've pretty much been over doing things when it comes to working out my body. The biking to work almost everyday as well as to most other places I need to go, running to work on the days I don't bike, hard rides during lunch and long ones on weekends and the weekly games of frisbee have begun to make themselves felt on my body; most notably my legs. Unfortunately this doesn't stop me, I know all about the value of rest days in the workout program but common, there's just no time for that. I want to get out and do shit and resting doesn't leave any room for that... I'm going to get over that one of these days when I can't even stand up.

Not quite yet though; today for my official marathon training I needed to do a four mile run. Simple, four miles I can break out like that and it there I would be on schedule. However, since I ran 5 1/2 or so on Monday (only supposed to do 2, 19 week training program here) I needed to go above and beyond again for the "long" run for the week. So today I went out with the mindset I would run till I felt like I should turn back and then run back. Went well except for that little thing called my own head. When I do this kind of run I like to think I could just go out and run forever so I never know when to really call it quits for the way out. Today I ran out to Connecticut Ave. and up to the Zoo and thru it and then took off going up Beach drive till I got about a mile and a half past Military Road which is something along the lines of 5 1/2 to 6 miles, one way of course. By the time I got back to the zoo my legs were kind of tired and I ended up stopping around there and walking up Adams Mill Road to get back home.

Not a terrible thing although I did bite off a little bit more then I could chew and it was way to cold to be trying to walk a mile or two in a soaking wet under armor shirt (which was perfect by the way for the long run with the blood pumping). Thought I was going to have pneumonia by the time I got back home.

The really bad thing however is that my sore ass legs are going to still have to get up tomorrow morning for the 25 to 30 mile bike ride I promised to my friend who is in the final stages of her century ride training. Sweet, oh yeah and since I stayed in last night I'm itching to go out tonight and am probably heading out to Chloe for a friends birthday party folloed by a clus for some dancing. Oh how my legs will love me after this one. I think I may be making myself take monday off from at least the lunch time ride down at hains point... well, that is if the weather is really bad.

This little guy says it'll all be worth it...

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