Monday, November 20, 2006

Prom, yes that's right... Prom 2006 and I went

I went to Prom this weekend. Yeah, you read that right and I wrote it right. Prom 2006 at Bartson Academy. Quite the night; though the chaperones sure missed a lot, I mean I saw photographic evidence posted on the internet of someone spiking the punch! I wonder if he'll get suspended.

All in all Prom 2006 was an absolute blast; held by my friends Thoreau and Kristin at their amazing apartment and including everything from the balloon arch to the flying banner on the building outside,;oh yeah and the picture backdrop for couples pictures too. I made Prom Court but was cheated out of the win after only something like 4 people voted for me. You know it's kind of like the national election system; way too much power is left to the voting public sometimes...

Any way, the night was a serious Blast (yes that's right, with a capital B) and many thanks go to Thoreau and Kristin for hosting such an amazing party, uh, I mean Prom...

Had dinner before hand at Buca de Bepo with the desired stares and laughs from our fellow diners and even managed to see a coworker to whom I have yet to have the chance to explain myself. Drank 6 liters of Chianti, a couple of bottles of champaign and ate plenty of pasta oh and don't forget the meatballs.

In other news, my coworker and mentor of sorts when it comes to cycling (and my job really) was struck by a cab this morning while riding into work. He himself is fine though his rear wheel is a different story (think taco shell). Apparently a cab driver was riding his tail this morning when he decided he would "teach him a lesson" for riding in the street and ran into him from behind. Said driver then feels the need to get out of the cab, kick the bike laying tangled in the middle of the street and beginning teaching his lesson. Incredibly even with two witnesses offering business cards and the obvious use of a vehicle as a weapon, the cops still may have let the cab driver go with a simple ticket for property damage. No, reckless driving, no reckless endangerment and no aggravated assault; all of which would have been quite appropriate in this case.

Sort of scary to a city biker; now I know to be weary of not only all BMW's but also Cabs while I ride.

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